Indicator light for smart electricity meters
Jun 28 , 2021

When the electricity meter is running, if an abnormal situation occurs, the electricity meter will alarm, and the LCD will display the corresponding error code or alarm prompt with continuous lit.

In general, the alarm will prompt the following information:

1. Electricity bill arrears

If the smart meter is in arrears, the alarm light will always be on, and the user only needs to make up the arrears.

2. Low electricity bill

When the electricity bill is less than 50 or 20 (this depends on the policy of the local utility company), the smart meter alarm light will light up to remind us that the meter needs to be recharged. As long as the electricity bill is charged, the alarm light will turn out.

The above is controllable by our users, but some of the alarm lights are not controlled by us. For example, if there are problems with the meter itself, we cannot solve it by ourselves. Generally, if we charge enough money in the card or client software, the alarm lights are still on, then we may need the help of the utility company.

3. Fault alarm

When the clock battery runs out, we should call the utility company to replace the new battery in time. Generally, the battery problem doesn’t affect the metering, but the data feedback from the electricity meter may be confused because the time is wrong.

In addition to battery problem, there are some problems that can cause the meter to alarm, such as voltage/current reverse phase sequence, voltage-absent, phase loss, voltage/current imbalance, overload, over-voltage, reverse power, etc. These problems are not our users can solve, so this time must call the utility company to repair. Do not open the meter box without authorization, or it may be considered stealing electricity.

4. Other lights on the electricity meter

◆ The pulse light records the electricity consumption. The higher the electricity consumption, the faster the flashing frequency will be. 1200imp/kWh indicates that 1200 flashes of the pulse light is one kilowatt hour.

◆ The trip light is on, indicating that the home’s electricity has been cut off, and it is in a state of power outage. It may be that the electricity bill has been overdrawn, and needs to be paid quickly. If there is still no electricity for a long time after paying the bill, you must contact the utility company immediately.

◆ Infrared light is the interface for electricity consumption data collection of the utility company, which usually doesn’t light up. It lights up when it reacts to the collector.

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