Different installation environment of meters with different accuracy class
May 06 , 2021

The common electricity meters currently have four accuracy classes: 0.2S, 0.5S, 1.0, and 2.0. So, how to choose the right accuracy class of electricity meter according to the installation environment?

Generally speaking, when the electricity meter is installed, the accuracy class is selected according to the transformer's capacity. For example, according to the State Grid's requirements, for users with transformer capacity greater than 100KVA, the meter accuracy should be at least class 1.0. As the transformer capacity and electric power transmission increase, the accuracy class requirements of the electricity meter increase accordingly.

In addition to industry regulations, application scenarios should also be considered in the selection of meter accuracy. The following are recommendations for the accuracy class of electricity meter suitable for the installation environment:


Installation   Environment

Electricity Meter Accuracy Suggestion


Class 0.2S/0.5S/1.0 three phase smart   meter

Users of special transformer   above 100KVA

Users of special transformer under 100KVA

Class 0.5/0.5S/1.0 three phase smart   meter

Three-phase users under distribution transformer

Class 1.0 three phase cost control smart   meter

Single-phase users under distribution transformer

Class 2.0 single phase cost control smart   meter


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